Getting a Parkinson's diagnosis is not easy to hear. BUT it's by no means a death sentence. You can live very well with Parkinson's you just need to adjust your lifestyle and do what's best for your body. Baby steps at first might be best or big steps depending on what you can handle because everyone is different. Avoiding, or delaying doing anything to get pro-active about it however is a bad idea and it will only bring on more symptoms and progression of the disease. 

You don't need to tell everyone you know right away but do try to avoid the impulse to completely hide your diagnosis. It’s important for your long-term well-being to open up to your loved ones and close friends. 


Having regular times to have conversations with your significant other about how things are going and what you both need are essential.

It's important to talk to your children about your diagnosis and what it means for you and them. If they are older children they can be an important part of your support team. If they are younger they will need reassurance that PD isn't contagious and that they didn't do anything to cause it. These should be on-going conversations.

Things you should do right away:


  1. Find a medical team you can trust. Go see a specialist and get a second opinion (if you don't like the first one). Find a physiotherapist that specializes in Parkinson's, ie Neurologic Physio Therapy. Take control of your own health.

  2. Build your support team (family, friends, others with PD)

  3. Find high intensity EXERCISE you can enjoy doing as this is the most important thing you should be doing if you suspect you have PD or have been diagnosed. The SOONER the better!!

  4. Be honest with your new reality 


Parkinson's Pathway to Empowerment Program

A wellness program specifically designed to address the symptoms associated with Parkinson’s and to slow the progression of the disease.

Changing Course: Jimmy Choi’s Story

"You have Parkinson's, but it doesn't have you!"


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