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We provide essential support services for people with Parkinson's Disease - in-person and online.
Improve your quality of life with a community of fighters that have your back!
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Were you or a loved one recently diagnosed with Parkinson's?

"Our challenges don't define us, our ACTIONS do!"


We are an Independent Health Facility that offers a wide range of instructor led, research backed, high-intensity exercise programs and services created to address the specific needs and interests of seniors and people with Parkinson's disease.

Parkinson's Pathway to Empowerment Program

A wellness program specifically designed to address the symptoms associated with Parkinson’s and to slow the progression of the disease.

Online Exercise Program

Get moving and keep moving from home with a range of live and on-demand that will keep you motivated and can help manage your symptoms.

Asian woman lifting weight in an outdoor gym

Personal Training & Support Services

We offer a variety of professional, personal training and other support services. It's tailored just for you, to deliver the results you want. 

Programs in Our Gym

In the Ottawa area? Join us for in-person exercise and boxing classes for all levels of ability. Personal training sessions available too! 


"Don't count the days; make the days count."

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About Us

"Don't wait for things to happen - make them happen."

Christine seaby

Regulated Health Professional

Owner and Founder of Boxing 4 Health

As a Registered Massage Therapist for over 14 years Christine Seaby, founder of B4H, was looking for a way to help her clients with Parkinson's disease live a better quality of life. Combined with her professional experience she had also trained in mixed martial arts and believed she could put a strong program together for people with Parkinson's disease to benefit from. 

Christine hopes to continue to grow and help as many people as possible so we can slow down the progression of Parkinson's and help people enjoy a better quality of life. 

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