Sponsor a fighter

Make a difference for someone in need.

At Boxing 4 Health, we are trying to make a difference for people diagnosed with Parkinson's but we need your help.


There are a number of motivated Parkinson's Fighters out there that want to take control of their lives and not let this disease define who they are.

Unfortunately there are a few individuals that require some financial support to help cover the cost of this custom exercise program.

That is where you can play a huge role! By participating in our Scholarship Program you can to help subsidize a "fighter" so that they can be a "WINNER" in their bout with this disease. 100% of your contribution through the Scholarship Program will go towards a fighter's membership.

When you make a contribution, we will send you some information about the person that you were able to help along with a BIG thank you!

Please contact us to discuss options for making a contribution.

1796 Woodward Dr.
Ottawa, ON
613.224.BOX4 (2694)
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