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Become a licensee!

We are happy to hear you are interested in joining the Boxing 4 Health team in our mission!

Our Mission

The mission of Boxing 4 Health is to provide hope through challenging exercise programs that keep you motivated to keep fighting while being surrounded by a supportive community that has your back.

Boxing 4 Health is dedicated to helping people with Parkinson’s Disease as well as our Seniors population. Our goal is for them to achieve a better quality of life through specialized, functional and fun exercise programs. We strive to create an environment that provides challenging exercise classes that are fun, motivating and, most importantly, generates a feeling of hope for both the instructors and students.


Set yourself apart and start this exciting program at your facility!


Our Competitor

Boxing 4 Health


Travel to US for instructor training

One head instructor must be on site

Discounts with various US retailers


No travel for training - all virtual

Startup equipment list with suggestions

Wholesale rights to purchase recommended equipment in Canada & US


Affiliate specific email

Support from Team Members

Training videos, documents, and learning management systems

Private forum access to other affiliates worldwide


Direct support from leaders on the Boxing 4 Health

Training videos and documents provided

Access to 16 templates for different class types

4 virtual meetings per year with other instructors

Private Facebook instructor portal for collaboration. Exercise of the week posted here to try in your classes


Use of RSB trademarked brand name and taglines

RSB location-specific logo

Access to RSB's recommended graphic designer

Listing on website

Potential cross promotion on website

Access to the proprietary program information including the use of the brand and trademark

Boxing 4 Health logo and instructor badge once certification is complete

Marketing resources for starting and growing your program

A 'shout out' post once a month across all of our social media platforms

Inclusion in website, advertising campaigns and events


Ability to have additional coaches trained at a discount rate

Required to re-certify every 2 years at an additional cost

Get additional coaches trained at a discount rate (20% off)

Recertification is provided in annual licensee fee - not an extra fee

LICENSEE Certification PROGRAM- TKO (Total knock out!)


Boxing 4 Health Inc. is ready to help you grow personally as an instructor or to help you add another revenue stream to grow your business and help a community of fighters that need our support. 


The licensee has a business opportunity that delivers both monetary and non-monetary giving you the most rewarding feeling of helping others improve their quality of life. 

Boxing 4 Health focuses on the quality of our programs first and foremost. Our evidence-based program has grown into an amazing community across Canada and now the United States.  We continue to work with the Ottawa University Head of Biomechanics to collaborate on new research-driven objectives that will continue to help improve the quality of life for people living with Parkinson's disease.

If you’re interested in growing your business, please reach out to us directly to get more information on our Licensee program. 


JUSTFIT Fitness Centre

Riverview, New Brunswick


University of Regina

3737 Wascana Parkway, Regina

(306) 585-4004

Community Life Church

1002 Beaverbrook Rd

Kanata, On


1796 Woodward Drive

Ottawa, On

(613) 224- BOX4


1980 Ogilvie Rd,

Gloucester, Ontario


"It truly is a great program to keep you moving and to get out and exercise with people going through some similar circumstances. Taking Jim is one of the highlights of my week. So if you have Parkinson’s or know anyone with Parkinson’s, this class just may be for you." Greg Hicks, New Brunswick (Parkinson's Caregiver)

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