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Boxing 4 Health is dedicated to helping people with Parkinson’s Disease as well as our Seniors population. Our goal is for them to achieve a better quality of life through specialized, functional and fun exercise programs. We strive to create an environment that provides challenging exercise classes that are fun, motivating and, most importantly, generates a feeling of hope for both the instructors and students.


B4H Instructor Certification Prerequisites

Candidates must have the following:

  1. An educational background in Health Sciences, Human Kinetics, PTA/OT, PT/OT, Personal Training certificate, or other health and fitness related field of study

  2. A minimum of 1-2yrs of experience working as a health professional or fitness professional in a Group setting

  3. CPR certification- a copy will need to be provided

  4. A passion for helping Seniors and people with Parkinson’s Disease


Key Elements of the B4H Instructor Training Program

  1. The instructor training program is offered over two weeks to allow candidates to familiarize themselves with the specific population (Parkinson’s Disease). The duration of the training may differ between candidates based on experience and qualifications.

  2. Candidates will shadow both high functioning and low functioning classes to observe and understand the differences in symptoms and stages of the disease progression.

  3. Each candidate will have the opportunity to design and teach warm ups as well as teach classes in full.

  4. Learn the basics of proper Boxing Technique for our clientele (one on one direction)

  5. Learn how to complete an assessment of new students

  6. The B4H Instructor Training program is customized to each individual, recognizing that everyone has different backgrounds and qualifications. This is a key element that differentiates the B4H training program from other fitness training programs. Our experience has determined that, by taking this approach, the Instructors are more apt to feel confident and comfortable in teaching their own classes.


Benefits of Boxing 4 Health Certification

  1. Access to the B4H logo

  2. Access to media footage covering the B4H program (CTV news, BBC International radio, Ottawa University Research on our program)

  3. Access to the B4H password protected Instructor Facebook Forum. This platform is a key collaborative training tool where the instructors have the ability to post videos of their classes and share ideas, such as valuable tips, exercise ideas and games that have worked well in their class. The portal also allows B4H Certified Instructors to collaborate with colleagues by posting questions, get feedback on specific exercises or circuits, and share idea to make sure they are continuously adding variety and safety to their programming.

  4. Access to training videos including Kickboxing basics, balance and functional strength ‘go-to’ exercises, demonstration of circuit exercises for all levels of fitness, “how to” videos for implementing Voice Activation and Fine Motor skills into your programs

  5. Provide training and educational content created at the HQ facility in Ottawa

  6. On-line workshops provided each quarter lead by Christine Seaby(owner) or Lead Instructors from Ottawa HQ location.

Continued Education and Training

Specific requirements for ongoing training.


Fees and Payment Options

Contact Boxing 4 Health for details.

Additional Support

  1. Provide Support for Start Up Programs (Additional fees may apply)

  2. Basic equipment, start up suggestions and recommendations

  3. Administration provided: Health history forms, Liability waivers, Assessment protocol

  4. Press Release and Letter Template provided for Health professionals so you can send them to all of the Neurologists, MD’s and other Health professionals in your area

  5. Monthly ZOOM meetings (30min) with our personal business manager, where you can send in your questions/concerns before the call and they will respond to them during the group call.

  6. Opportunity to purchase equipment at a discounted rate through Rival Boxing, Hayabusa and The Treadmill Factory

  7. Website Link with Instructors personal information/contact info

  8. A visit to your gym to provide feedback and ideas on class curriculum