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Programs at the gym

In the Ottawa area? Join us for in-person exercise classes and personal training for all interests and levels of ability. 

We offer a number of different high-intensity programs created to address the specific needs and interests of our students.

Fighter - High Intensity

Classes for people with Parkinson's that are high functioning and have low to moderate balance concerns.


Champion - Low Intensity

Classes for people with Parkinson's that have moderate balance problems, slow movements and possible shuffled gait. 

Champ Plus- 1:1 assistance needed in a group class setting. 

Boxing 4 Parkinson's

Do you want to feel calmer, sleep better and have more flexibility and ease in your joints?

Regular yoga practice can help improve tremors, stiffness, balance, and mobility. Certain yoga postures, such as those that involve standing and weight-bearing, can help to increase strength and stability.


Reduce Stress and Anxiety: The mindfulness and breathing techniques practiced in yoga can help to calm the mind and reduce feelings of anxiety and stress.

Contact us to try a free online yoGa class on Wednesdays!



These classes are for Seniors, and people with Parkinson's (high functioning) and spouses of people with Parkinson's.


Learn the basics of kickboxing as well as the basics of muscle strengthening and have fun doing it. These specific exercise classes will challenge you and help you increase your full range of motion so you can be more comfortable doing activities in your daily life. Instructors are Heartwise certified.

Red love heart on hearts

Personal Training is another great option if you would like to get more one-on-one attention and be able to focus on your specific fitness needs and goals that are tailored to you.


Working with a trainer can also be the best way to recover from an injury.


All of our trainers have experience working with people with Parkinson’s disease, Seniors and modifying exercise programs to rehab injuries new and old.

Personal Training

awesome Instructors

Passionate and energetic instructors that all share different backgrounds in health and fitness so the client gets an array of experience, variety and challenges from our classes.
We have a professional boxer, a latin dancer, 'Personal Trainer of the year', PWR! certified Instructors and PD Warrior Level 1 &2 Certified Instructors.

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