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Join our exercise classes that are proven to slow the progression

of Parkinson's Disease and lessen your symptoms - from home!

LIVE Classes

  • 7 LIVE classes per week on Zoom

  • Classes are available throughout the day

  • Various exercise class types

  • Fighter and Champion intensity levels

  • Interact with your instructor and fellow students

Recorded Classes

  • 24/7 availability

  • New classes added weekly

  • Various exercise class types

  • Fighter and Champion intensity levels

Our higher intensity Fighter classes, boxing and HIIT classes are best for those that have low to moderate balance concerns.


Exercises are Parkinson’s specific and include amplitude-based movements and dual tasking.


Cognitive exercises will also be added in these classes.



Our Champion classes are lower intensity exercise classes.


These classes are designed to help you get comfortable with your exercise while staying safe and supported.


Our focus is on high quality Parkinson’s specific exercises to help you get the most out of your workouts. 

Our Fighter and Champion series are chosen by you, the member, at the point of deciding what class to try each day. We've put together a self-assessment that you can take to make this decision easier. 

2 levels of intensity to choose from:

Additional Specialty Exercise Classes Available

Boxing Classes

Learn the basics of Boxing and Kickboxing that is geared towards amplitude based movements for PD. Class is higher intensity.

Stretch & Release

MFR (Myofascial Release) focused stretching of the fascial system to increase flexibility, lessen stiffness and decrease pain. Some self massage balls are often used (tennis balls, yoga tune up balls, lacrosse balls) to help release tight, tense areas to allow for improved movement.


High Intensity Interval Training is a fast paced exercise class with small bursts of high intensity exercises alternated with shorter recovery periods.

Wind Down

Get into your pj's and enjoy winding down for the night with gentle yoga movements, breathing exercises and mindfulness techniques to get you ready for a good nights sleep zzzzzzz.


Work through specific postures that focus on improving movement and opening up the breath for better overall health and relaxation.

Voice Classes

Specialized classes focusing on breath work, facial expressions and improving one's voice to help make those with quieter voices louder. Learn the benefits of warming up your voice, how to speak loudly in a safe manner and how to continue to best use your voice so you don't lose it!

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"I am so glad I decided to try the LIVE classes.  They are great and very convenient and as a result I am doing more classes."

- Bonnie

"I joined Boxing 4 Health's program during COVID and then started the online LIVE Zoom exercise classes. I am exercising 4 times a week now! Their classes keep me going.”

- Izzy

"It helps too keep me accountable. It helps to keep it routine."

- Tamara

"I have been participating in online classes since Covid began and continue to be challenged by the endless variety of challenging exercises for my body and my brain. Passion and determination are not enough, you really need someone in your corner." 

- Paul

Hear directly from our fighters

awesome Instructors

Passionate and energetic instructors that all share different backgrounds in health and fitness so the client gets an array of experience, variety and challenges from our classes.


We have a professional boxer, a latin dancer, 'Personal Trainer of the year', PWR! certified Instructors and PD Warrior Level 1 Certified Instructors.

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