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Complete a self-assessment

Please download and complete this assessment to help determine which classes are suitable for you - Champion or Fighter-level classes.

Fighter classes are higher intensity. We recommend you use our Fighter-level classes, or our HIIT classes. Classes are higher intensity and best for those that have low to moderate balance concerns. Exercises are Parkinson’s specific and include amplitude-based movements and dual tasking. Cognitive exercises will also be added in these classes.

Champion classes are lower intensity. We recommend you get started with our Champion-level classes (low intensity exercise classes). These classes are designed to help you get comfortable with your exercise while staying safe and supported. Our focus is on high quality Parkinson’s specific exercises to help you get the most out of your workouts.

If you have any questions while completing this self-assessment, please contact us at 613-224-2694 or

Learn the boxing basics

Learn the basic boxing techniques that you'll use in exercise classes.

Boxing Technique 101

Boxing Technique 101

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