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Fitness programs tailored for senior residents

In these uncertain times, COVID-19 presents us with a profound challenge: Ensuring that our seniors, confined due to lockdowns, don't become passive and isolated, leading to deteriorated physical and mental well-being. We need a proactive strategy, now more than ever.

Let me paint a clear picture of the immediate and lasting benefits our programs can bring to your facility:

Improve Fall Risks

The daunting statistic is that in Canada, 50% of hospital visits are from seniors over the age of 65, with falls being a primary culprit. The repercussions? Rising medical expenses, potential lawsuits, spiked insurance premiums, and, most crucially, a diminishing trust among residents and their families. Our Boxing 4 Health program addresses this head-on. We've seen a staggering 47% reduction in fall rates among participants, an indispensable asset for your facility's reputation and the safety of your residents.

Increase Length of Stay 

Stability in a residence stems from satisfaction and trust. Industry data reveals an average length of stay in retirement homes to be 21 months. Partner with us, and witness this average shoot up to over 42 months. This longevity not only symbolizes content residents but also streamlines your financial inflow.


Gain New Residents 

Your residence's reputation is your most valuable asset. In a market swamped with choices, potential residents lean towards homes showcasing innovative care techniques. Our diverse fitness programs, ranging from fall prevention to yoga for flexibility to cognitive games, are your gold-standard differentiators.


With COVID-19 restrictions looming large, the emphasis on virtual engagement has skyrocketed. Our solution? Live, interactive exercise classes. While traditional physical activities are curtailed, our virtual approach ensures your residents remain engaged, mentally agile, and physically active.


Why Boxing 4 Health?

Our prowess lies in our exclusive focus on senior residents. Each module of our program, be it boxing for balance, cognitive games, or yoga sessions, has been meticulously crafted based on extensive research and years of experience. Notably, a study from Ottawa University underscored the efficacy of Boxing 4 Health, showcasing significant improvements in postural stability and reduced fall risks among participants.


Moreover, we understand the pressing need for consistent data to measure progress. Our commitment is reflected in our biannual tests for participants, ensuring you're always in the loop about the tangible benefits our program is bringing to your community.

Marketing in a Post-COVID World


(picture of online ad and flyers that could be placed distributed around neighborhoods)

As the world pivots to new modes of engagement, so must our marketing strategies. By leveraging our co-branded marketing materials, you can distinctly set your facility apart. 


Show the world your comprehensive well-being approach, attracting prospective residents. 


Furthermore, we want to collaborate on cross-promotional marketing endeavors. Together, we can create targeted campaigns that amplify our shared commitment to resident health and well-being, solidifying our position as forward-thinking leaders in senior care.These materials can serve as potent marketing tools, underlining your unwavering commitment to residents' well-being.


By leveraging our co-branded marketing materials, you can distinctly set your facility apart. The narrative shifts from just care to a comprehensive well-being approach, attracting prospective residents.


Boost Your Efficiency & Profits

Our Boxing 4 Health program is more than just fitness; it's a holistic solution for your residence.

Streamlined Operations: We take the weight off your activities coordinator's shoulders. We handle scheduling, execution, and everything in between. Less stress for your team, more quality programs for your residents.


Financial Gains: Healthier residents mean fewer medical emergencies and potential liabilities. Longer resident stays translate to steady revenues. Plus, our unique fitness regime can be a beacon for attracting new residents, boosting your earnings.

In short, we offer a win-win: optimal resident care and a bolstered bottom line.

Let’s book a call

The clock is ticking, and the stakes have never been higher. With limited slots in our pilot program, I urge you to seize this transformative opportunity for your retirement community.

Fortify your facility against the foreseeable challenges of COVID-19. Elevate the well-being of your residents. Solidify your reputation in the market.


I look forward to a symbiotic partnership that elevates the standards of senior care.

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