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Move more, sit less this winter

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Winter time calls for cozy days with friends and family. As much as this is nice to do it’s important to not vere off your exercise routine.

The winter holidays are typically full of celebrations that have us moving less while eating more and this has been exacerbated by a longer pandemic which has caused more sedentary lifestyles for many of us.

The majority of Canadians actually fail to meet the recommended amount of daily movement needed to stave off chronic disease and with the pandemic it has only gotten worse.

This year I encourage you to step out of your cozy comfort zone and get yourself outside.

Moving your body is an essential part of preventing Parkinson's symptoms and also managing many other diseases. Stepping, bending, twisting, lifting, reaching and pulling motions are integral to our body(and it’s parts) working well.

As important as daily exercises are, I still recommend getting daily doses of movement in other ways. One 1hr exercise class is not going to replace 5-7hrs of sitting if you think about it right…?

Here are a few ideas you could try over the winter months.

  • Consider adding movement to your family traditions and get the family involved with outdoor activities over the winter months. After a turkey dinner with family, go for a walk outside! Look at the Christmas lights, say hi to neighbors and help your body stay active and burn off calories at the same time!

  • Forage for decor with the kids or grandkids if they come over for dinner. REACH, BEND, SQUAT, to gather what you need with the kids to make a centrepiece for your table or for a friend.

  • If possible walk to get your groceries or just plan to go window shopping to have a destination to go to. Carrying grocery bags can help build those arm muscles and add some intensity to your walk. And if that wasn’t enough walking outdoors can help to reduce stress and allows you to think more clearly.

  • Plan a hiking adventure and meet up with friends to hike outside

You can do it. Take Action.

Adults spend twice as much time outdoors in nature when they have friends and family who make concerted efforts to get outside.

You don’t need to lose the coziness of sitting in front of the fire like I'm doing right now;) BUT consider taking the lead and add going outside to your family traditions or even just winter months by being more dynamic and moving more.

YES dynamic traditions take a bit more work, but that’s the point. It’s a win-win situation folks, you get to move more plus have more time with friends and family.

Somehow it makes enjoying the winter months just a little easier:)

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You got this,


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