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My 3 Favorite Posture Exercises

Perfect posture sounds like a far stretch for me, I don’t know about you. Working on your posture, especially as you age, is key, though, to getting or maintaining your posture as long as possible. We are all a work in progressJ

A more stooped posture is definitely more common as you age and sometimes associated to Parkinson’s as well. But you aren’t doomed. There are many things you can do to focus on strengthening the right muscles that prevent you from stooping. Releasing and stretching the right areas of your body will go along way too.

I got you covered here. I'm going to show you some of my “go to” exercises for strengthening but also for relaxing and stretching because these two really go hand in hand or back to back in this case:)

First and foremost there isn’t a quick fix for your posture. You will have to continue to work on it daily just like anything else; practice makes for better posture.

My go to strengthening exercises:

1- YTW- sitting upright

2- Core- Breath (progress to on all 4’s)

3- 5X Tah Dah- with a band (to progress add a block or a book) Breath (progress to on all 4’s)

Stretching for better posture

Your posture has a significant influence on the rest of our health. It affects our physiological functions right from the nervous system to all of our breathing muscles.

I encourage all of my clients who have concerns about their posture to get themselves a 10minute cushion. The best part about this exercise is that you get to relax and let the pillow do most of the work:)

The 10 minute cushion uses the pull of gravity, it improves posture, mobility and flexibility, allowing for proper communication between the brain, spinal cord and the extremities.

The purpose of this cushion is to work up to lying on it for 10minutes a day to help stretch, and align your spine into a more neutral position. You need to start in increments so the first time maybe 2minutes and see how you feel afterwards.

If you have a stooped posture you may need to have a pillow or even two under your head so you can comfortably relax on the cushion and not feel that you are straining or experiencing pain. It took your body a while to get into this position so it’s going to take some time to improve it!

The clients I work with as well as all of the fighters in my gym classes see quick results and improvement with their posture when they start using the pillow frequently and keep up with their posture exercises.

Give it a try and send me your feedback. I would love to hear how it helps you.

If you can’t access a 10 minute cushion try using a rolled up towel or yoga mat as this will give you a slight lift for your spine to work with.

Improving your posture will take some work and some discipline but being able to maximize your breathing, your voice, your strength and your overall health is well worth it.

You got this!


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