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Community is critical to our overall wellbeing.

If you have ever heard me speak at an event or a webinar or perhaps met me in person at the gym then you know the community here is like family. There is strength in numbers. You might appreciate a small circle of people, but we need larger circles as well.

The saying it takes a village couldn’t be more true when it comes to living your best life.

Did you know the rate of depression jumps significantly higher when you are more isolated and don’t socialize, especially as you age? Not only can depression come a-knocking but your life expectancy is also affected, yikes!

So whether your into socializing with others or not I’m urging you to work on it anyway you can.

Here are some options:

-Commit to calling a few friends or loved ones twice a week to catch up if getting together isn’t an option

-Join an exercise program either in person or online Shoot us an email at Boxing 4 Health if your new to us and we’ll be happy to extend a 2 week free trial. This can be to try our in person or online exercise programs.

-Our online classes are great for those who live in rural areas, or outside of Ottawa and can’t get to a local Parkinson’s class. Being around others that are experiencing some of what you might experience can not only motivate you but can help you push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Outside of your comfort zone is where you GROW!

- Join my 12 week Parkinson’s Pathway program where you get to meet fighters from all over every week on a call with me I have seen some great friendships start here even across provinces!

-Link up with a fellow PD fighter so that you can share experiences, frustrations,

encouragement and support with someone. This is key! We are always happy to help make these connections so reach out to us and we can help set you up with buddy we think might suit you best

-Join another activity/hobby that involves being around others e.g. choir, book club or any social activity.

I could go on and on about the benefits of socializing so do your best and start somewhere and work up from there.

Strong communities have a significant sense of purpose and everyone’s contribution matters.

We all have each other’s back here at Boxing 4 Health and I’m committed to make sure that continues to happen because the strength of our bonds truly matters.

A just-published study by Ohio state University found that people feel more supported when their networks are more tightly knit.

Strong communities are always evolving. We can’t always avoid tough situations or changes but our values at Boxing 4 Health allow us to adapt and become stronger as we all cope and grow together.

We all truly crave community and I’m convinced we cannot live our best life without one. Our physical and mental health depend on it.

Take action and work on strengthening and sustaining your community and reach out if you need support to get started.

In good health,


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