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Drooling & Swallowing with Parkinson's

How do I know if I have a swallowing issue?

Some possible signs can include: 

-Continuous phlegm or mucus

-Coughing during meals

-Pneumonia especially frequently

Many people with Parkinson's can experience difficulty controlling their saliva, leading to drooling or dribbling (sialorrhea). However, drooling in Parkinson's disease is often attributed to a combination of factors, including reduced muscle control in the face and mouth, impaired swallowing reflexes, and decreased coordination between breathing and swallowing.

Here are some tips to consider that I have noticed work well with my clients but some have come recommended from speech pathologists as well.  

#1- Adjust your posture: Ensure your head is upright and facing forward, especially when resting. Support your head with cushions if needed. Work on exercises to improve your posture daily:)  I love this 10minute cushion and it makes for a great relaxing stretch for your posture but also your chest.

We always have these in stock at the gym so don’t hesitate to reach out to get one!


#2- Practice lip seal exercises: Perform exercises, such as leaning forward during activities like cooking or typing, to strengthen lip seal. Regular exercises like puckering, grinning, and blowing air into your cheeks can help improve lip seal strength.

My daughter showing pucker lips for you;)

Your breath is your ‘gas in the tank’ if you don't have gas you aren’t going to get anywhere fast!

#3- Breath exercise- Fill your lungs with a nice big breath in, then swallow, then exhale in that order is key. Most people swallow after the exhale which is more work and can lead to aspirating. 

#4- Voice exercises: practicing exercises daily for the voice, breath and posture are key! We have a free voice class once a week so try and fit it into your schedule:)! Currently it runs Tuesdays at 230pm EST. Meeting Link

#5- The Breather tool (LOVE THIS)- inexpensive and a lot of positive changes from clients who are using it 2-4 times a week, you get 20% off through us if you use this discount codeboxing4health

Just go through our website link to read more on the company and the product or to place an order. 

#6- Candy- The sugar free gum/hard candy seem to be the most effective for fast results. Some of our clients also carry around a handkerchief or kleenex while they’re working out too. 

If these recommendations (including seeing the doctor) aren’t helping, I would recommend seeing a Speech Language Pathologist SLP.

Don't give up, there are results to be had but you need to stick to working on it daily.

You got this!

Yours in health,


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